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Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) isn't getting any closer to endorsing Donald Trump, telling Bill Hemmer that Trump is "trending" in the wrong direction when it comes to winning his support. 

In an exclusive sit-down which aired this morning on America's Newsroom, Kasich was asked about the prospect of the governor of the host state not endorsing the Republican presidential candidate at the party's convention.

Kasich said right now, that could "absolutely" be the situation 40 days from now in Cleveland.  

"I've been this way since I was in politics. I kind of call them the way I see them and never more than today does the country need to be unified. Do we need to stop all the fighting? Do we need to realize that we're Americans before we're Republicans and Democrats," he said.

"Why would I feel compelled to support somebody whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?" he asked.

Hemmer noted that there are millions of Republican voters who supported Trump. 

"I didn't," said Kasich, adding that it was "never a consideration" for him to be Trump's running mate and that it hasn't been discussed.

Kasich, who dropped out of the presidential race last month, said he still objects to the "divisiveness, the division, [and] the name calling" by Trump. 

He said Trump's attack on the judge in the Trump University lawsuit was "terrible," adding that the country needs a leader who can unify people and that he would not endorse Hillary Clinton.

Watch the interview above.

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