Judge Nap: Hillary Dodging Questions About Emails With Lies

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Judge Andrew Napolitano said today that if President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, it could create a major conflict of interest with respect to the ongoing FBI investigations.

Obama, who is meeting with Bernie Sanders at the White House today, is reportedly closing in on giving his official backing to the former First Lady, who clinched the nomination earlier this week. 

On Fox and Friends this morning, Napolitano said this is all happening amid two separate FBI investigations: one into Clinton's private emails as secretary of state and another into possible corruption linked to the Clinton Foundation.

Steve Doocy asked how FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch might look at the endorsement. 

Napolitano said Obama's support of Clinton will potentially impact the hundreds of FBI agents working on the investigations. 

"These people are saying ... 'how can we continue with this investigation knowing that our boss wants this person, who is the target of the investigation, to succeed him?' That's called a conflict," said Napolitano. 

He said another conflict for Obama is that some of the top-secret information in Clinton's emails was sent by the president. 

"He himself participated in taking state secrets and putting it in a non-secure venue," he explained.

Last night, Clinton told Bret Baier that there is "zero chance" she'll be indicted over her private email server. 

The judge said that once again Clinton made arguments and statements that were "absolutely not true" concerning her emails. 

He said there should be a special prosecutor appointed by the attorney general to investigate the email server, but acknowledged it's extremely unlikely. 

UPDATE: Obama announced the endorsement in a video that was released Thursday afternoon.

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