Trump Slams Obama Endorsement of 'Crooked Hillary'; She Says 'Delete Your Account'

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In tonight's monologue on The Five, Greg Gutfeld called out Hillary Clinton for blaming her high unfavorability rating on negative ads and coverage, and claiming to know she won't be indicted over her emails.

Gutfeld rolled a clip of Clinton saying on CBS last night that her ratings were high while she was secretary of state, and have since dropped after "tens of millions of dollars" had been spent on negative advertising.

He asked how Clinton can claim for certain that she won't be indicted by the FBI over her email scandal.

"How does she know? Did she hack the FBI's personal server?"

Still, President Obama issued his endorsement. But Gutfeld said the president's reasoning that he's backing Clinton because he knows "how hard the job can be" is "not logical."

"Who knows, for all the criticism about being corrupt, Hil's got one thing going for her: Trump."

Watch the full monologue, which also touched on Obama's meeting with Bernie Sanders, above.

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