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Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke outside the White House moments ago following a meeting with President Obama on party unity. 

The sit-down comes after Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination with key victories in California and New Jersey. 

The Vermont senator, however, has vowed to stay in the race until the convention in Philadelphia on July 25. 

He said today that he will compete next Tuesday in the Dems' D.C. primary and looks forward to all of the votes being counted in California.

Sanders also blasted Donald Trump, vowing to do everything he can to prevent the billionaire from winning in November. 

The Outnumbered hosts reacted to the remarks, with Jedediah Bila arguing that a Clinton-Sanders ticket would be clearly the best option for Democrats against Trump. 

"They need Bernie Sanders. They absolutely need him. If Hillary Clinton were smart ... that is her vice president. That is her candidate because that is a ticket that is very difficult to beat," she said. 

Bila said she believes there is a "plan behind closed doors" emerging, which might include Sanders being picked as VP. David Asman countered that having a socialist on the ticket could drive away independents. 

In his speech on Tuesday night, Trump urged Sanders' supporters to switch over to his side in the fall. 

Trump argued that Sanders and his base have been "left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates."

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