LATEST: 4 Killed in Shooting Spree at Tel Aviv Market

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While briefing On the Record about the mass shooting at a Tel Aviv open-air market, an Israeli police spokesperson said that Palestinians have been observed celebrating in the wake of the attack.

Israel Police Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld said that no official terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack so far.

"What we have seen over the last two hours is, unfortunately, within the West Bank area, we have seen Palestinians celebrating this attack. Meanwhile here in Israel, where we will be mourning for a week over the people that were lost."

Rosenfeld said the attacks were "horrific, totally unacceptable, carried out by two Palestinians who murdered innocent Israelis."

He said that whatever action that is taken will be based on security assessments carried out over the next dozen or so hours.

At least four people were killed in a shooting in central Tel Aviv Wednesday that police are describing as aimed against Israelis. One of the suspects was shot by police, while the other one was captured by authorities, according to Israeli police.

Watch the full interview above.

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