Clinton: 'Zero Chance' Emails Will Be a Problem This Election

Baier Presses Clinton to Explain Difference From Obama on Economy

Laura Ingraham commented on Hillary Clinton's interview with Bret Baier tonight, saying the candidate's struggle to answer a question on the economy revealed her lack of substance.

Ingraham pointed out that Clinton's answer about infrastructure was basically the same as Obama's "shovel ready" jobs.

"There's no there there," Ingraham said. "She's a talented person, she's very smart. But Trump has the magic sauce. He just has to sprinkle it on the issues, and then he has to serve it up in a very pleasing, interesting and sometimes provocative and entertaining way."

Ingraham also said that Clinton could not point to one accomplishment on foreign policy while she served as secretary of state.

Watch the commentary from Special Report above.

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