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Hillary Clinton fielded questions from Bret Baier about her email use while secretary of state and the FBI's investigation into her private email server.

Clinton reaffirmed a statement she made to a radio station on Friday that there is "absolutely no possibility of an indictment."

"There is no basis for it, and I'm looking forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible," Clinton said.

Clinton said she has instructed her aides to cooperate with the FBI and said that she's "looking forward to also participating," saying that she's offered to do so since August.

Baier pressed her on why neither she nor her aides talked to the State Department inspector general about her email use, after saying that she would talk to "anybody anytime."

She said that she has "talked endlessly" about the emails, including for 11 hours before a House committee.

"What they wanted to ask, we'd already talked about. Talked about in the public arena," Clinton said.

She told Baier that she did not recall signing a non-disclosure agreement in 2009 about the handling of classified materials, but regardless, nothing she sent or received was marked classified at the time.

"What you are seeing acted out is the desire of the different parts of the government to retroactively classify material so that it is not made public, since I did ask that all my e-mails be made public, and this is not an uncommon process."

Finally, Baier asked Clinton straightforwardly: "The Clinton Foundation investigation, the FBI investigation, the e-mail, you're saying zero chance that this is a problem for you in this election?"

Clinton responded: "Absolutely. That's what I'm saying.  That happens to be the truth."

Watch the full interview above.

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