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Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton's judgment and temperament during a discussion about an ex-Secret Service agent's revealing new book about the former first family on Hannity.

Sean Hannity asked Trump what he thought of the book, which describes Clinton's leadership style as "volcanic" and claims she lacks the temperament to be president.

Trump said it's surprising the book has gotten so little coverage "because it says, basically, her temperament is a disaster."

"I don't know if the word is getting out," Trump said. "This is somebody that knew them very, very well. Saw her in action. And look, she was a disaster. She doesn't have the temperament. She doesn't have a lot of things to be president, including, frankly, good judgment. Her judgment is horrible."

Trump said that Bernie Sanders has said the same thing about Clinton - "so, he got something right."

Watch the interview above.

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