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An alligator was found in Florida with the body of a dead man in its mouth. 

Police said they believe the body was in the water for at least a day before it was found on Tuesday in Lake Hunter in Lakeland.

The alligator was shot dead by Florida Fish and Wildlife officials.

Someone called police a few days before to report a shirt in the water and a backpack on the shore, with no owner around. Another caller described a large object in the lake with an alligator circling it. 

Cops were sent to investigate, but did not find anything. 

It remains unclear whether the man was killed by the gator or died in another manner before being found by the alligator.

The local medical examiner is set to conduct an investigation into the cause of death.

Neighbors say they see gators, including some as long as 10 feet, in the water or on the banks all the time.

Watch the report above from FOX 13.

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