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Donald Trump said on Hannity that Republicans angry about the comments he made about the judge presiding over his class action lawsuits need to get over their anger.

Sean Hannity said he hasn't seen Republicans attacking President Obama over his agenda as hard as they've fought Trump over the matter.

Trump responded that he doesn't care where the judge comes from; he just wants a "fair shake" in his trial.

But he said the reaction from some Republicans has been "a little disappointing."

"In all fairness, they're some of the people that I went through war with, and I won, and there's a lot of anxiety there, there's a lot of anger, I guess. They just can't come back, they can't get over it. So they have to get over it, ideally.

"As to whether or not they endorse me, it's okay if they don't. But they have to get over it."

Watch the full interview above.

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