Man Accused of Sexual Assault Cries Like a Baby in Mugshot

Husband Arrested in Fatal Beating of Man Who Tried to Rape His Wife

The Outnumbered hosts blasted the "incomprehensible" sentence handed down by a California judge in a college campus rape case. 

Brock Turner, a 20-year-old former star swimmer at Stanford University, was sentenced to six months on the sexual assault conviction. He may get out of jail in half that time. 

Turner faced a maximum sentence of 14 years behind bars and critics have assailed the ruling as an example of white male privilege. 

Hundreds of thousands have now signed a petition to recall Judge Aaron Persky.

(Read more on the case and the recall petition, here.)

Jedediah Bila, Julie Roginsky, Elizabeth MacDonald and Harris Faulkner also criticized Turner's father for his statement in defense of his son.

Dan Turner wrote in a statement that his son is paying "a steep price ... for 20 minutes of action." He said that his son should not go to jail at all, having already lost his scholarship and giving up his dream of competing in the Olympics.

Harris Faulkner took issue with the father's letter, saying that he's not holding his son accountable and seems to be blaming the victim.

She noted that the last line of his letter argued that Turner should only receive probation as a penalty so that he can make a "positive" impact on society.

"For whom is this positive? Only for him. ... He's not holding his child accountable. It's his duty as a dad," said Faulkner.

Julie Roginsky agreed that the father downplayed the fact that his son found a woman unconscious behind a dumpster and proceeded to violate her sexually.

She said the sentence is "incomprehensible" and that the "20 minutes of action" that the father spoke about destroyed a woman's life. 

Roginsky called on viewers to read the powerful letter that was read aloud in the courtroom by the victim. 

"It is the most chilling description of a rape and the aftermath that I have ever read," she said.

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