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'Do You Regret Making It Personal?': O'Reilly Presses Trump on 'Mexican' Judge Criticism

The Kelly File took a detailed look at the controversy surrounding the Trump University lawsuit and Trump's recent attacks on the judge in the case.

Trump has said that the judge presiding over the case, U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, should recuse himself, because Curiel's Hispanic heritage presents"conflict of interest."

Kelly questioned what the U.S. justice system would look like if judges were forced off of cases in this way. 

"That is not the way our system works," Megyn Kelly said. "If a litigant making stink about a judge necessarily resulted in a conflict that would force the judge to step down, it would lead to chaos in our court system."

Kelly then brought on Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson and pressed her on why Curiel's Hispanic heritage makes him biased in the case against Trump.

Pierson claimed that there is evidence that Curiel is indeed biased, pointing to his alleged membership in Hispanic lawyers group La Raza.

Kelly countered that that is not legitimate grounds for recusal.

"Trump has a defense on the merits and he's going to get his day in court," Kelly said. "He doesn't have to destroy the judge in the process."

Pierson stated emphatically that since the plaintiff is no longer involved in the case, the case should be tossed.

"As a lawyer, Megyn, if the plaintiff of a case drops out, shouldn't the case be thrown out?" she asked.

"No," Kelly answered, explaining that it's not uncommon for a "named plaintiff" in a class-action lawsuit to drop out.

"Just because you lose the named plaintiff doesn't mean the lawsuit goes away," said Kelly.

Watch the full segment above.

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