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Gutfeld: Trump Just Keeps Digging the Hole Deeper

Charles Krauthammer said that Democrats "should be worried" about this presidential race because the typical strategies don't apply to Donald Trump.

"You can't use the usual playbook against Donald Trump. Democrats know how to run against conservatives. They don't know how to run against a populist who is unexpected, unpredictable and can do anything."

He said that given Clinton's "liabilities," combined with her difficulty overcoming Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whom Krauthammer described as a "74-year old socialist...who honeymooned in the Soviet Union," have piled onto the nervousness.

Krauthammer also downplayed the historical significance of Clinton being the first woman in the U.S. expected to lead a presidential ticket.

He said it was "less of a reverberating event" than electing the first black president.

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