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Greg Gutfeld reacted to Donald Trump's "Mexican" judge comments, saying it shouldn't be his or anyone else's duty to supplement the Republican candidate's "impulsive notions."

"I can explain my thoughts on this, but it's not my job to explain his," he said today on The Five.

"We keep waiting for him to get serious - but he won't."

Gutfeld stated his "simple wish" for "a candidate who explains your needs, not the reverse."

"Must we be his mouthpieces? Always supporting his impulsive notions with supplemental reasons that Trump never used?"

He said the candidate has a real shot at being president, "and yet he still chases fruitless rabbits down dark, endless holes."

"You know the old saying: When you're digging a hole, drop the shovel. Trump did, and just ordered a backhoe."

Watch the full monologue above.

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