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Hillary Clinton is facing increasing criticism over her lack of availability before the press, though her campaign is pushing back. 

A Clinton campaign spokesman said Sunday that reporters "often" have the chance to ask Clinton questions informally after events.

But a Fox News producer traveling with Clinton said that is "completely not true," and that Clinton "almost never" addresses reporters' questions.

The producer stated that it's been nearly a month since Clinton took such questions, while the last formal news conference by Clinton was more than six months ago.

Donald Trump has been quick to point it out: 

And reporters have expressed their own frustrations after seeing numerous Trump press conferences

In a recent CNN interview, Clinton said “I’m sure we will" hold a press conference soon, pointing out that she regularly gives interviews. 

The Outnumbered hosts discussed the issue this afternoon, with Harris Faulkner pointing out that press conferences are different than formal interviews. 

Faulkner said Clinton seems to be strategically avoiding "unscripted" exchanges with reporters, while Democrat Julie Roginsky said Clinton should call a news conference as soon as possible. 

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) criticized Clinton for even refusing to answer a State Department inspector general's questions about her private email server. 

"It's a pattern. ... She does not want to answer questions and be held accountable," he said.

Watch the segment above.

UPDATE, 2:45pm ET: Clinton took some questions from reporters at her event in California, targeting Donald Trump.

She slammed Trump for wanting to move the country "backwards," including supporting a repeal of ObamaCare, denying that equal pay for women is a "real issue" and opposing an increase in the minimum wage.

"I look forward to campaigning as a really strong advocate of what I think will make the country get going again," said Clinton.

Clinton said she's "excited" to have the support of President Obama in the general election, arguing he has not gotten the credit he deserves for pulling the country out of the "great recession."

The gaggle lasted under 10 minutes, with one reporter asking Clinton about the "magnitude" of being on the verge of clinching the nomination. 

There were no questions about the State Department IG report on Clinton's emails. 

Watch her answers below.  

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