Hillary Meets Media in CA: No Questions Asked About Emails

Why Hillary Could Be Called to Testify in Civil Lawsuit Over Her Emails

Did Hillary Clinton break the rules of the State Department with her private email server?

She dismissed the idea on ABC’s This Week, telling George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that "everybody in the department knew that I was emailing from a personal address."

But Judge Andrew Napolitano said that according to the department's current inspector general, she "violated numerous federal statutes" by having all of her email go through a non-government server.

But he said the most serious crime was migrating emails that contained state secrets into her personal server.

"That's what was likely hacked. That is the likely espionage. That is what she refuses to talk about, no matter who questions her, impromptu or formal press conference."

Napolitano said the FBI's criminal investigation is nearly completed, save for the last step, which is interviewing Clinton.

"She will probably take the legally risky but politically sound move and let the FBI interview her. That will probably happen in the next two to three weeks."

Watch the full segment above.

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