Hillary Meets Media in CA: No Questions Asked About Emails

Why Hillary Could Be Called to Testify in Civil Lawsuit Over Her Emails

A man who sold a printer on Craiglist for $40 found himself embroiled in a seven-year legal dispute that's drained him of more than $12,000 in lawyer's fees so far.

In 2009, Doug Costello of Massachusetts, sold the printer to Gersh Zavodnik in Indianapolis, a Ukraine-born man who Indiana's Supreme Court described as a "prolific, abusive litigant."

Zavodnik claimed the printer he bought from Costello was broken and sued for breach of contract. Zavodnik's initial lawsuit was dismissed, as well were the the next 26 lawsuits he filed after that.

But the Indiana Court of Appeals revived the case in 2012 and sent it back to trial court. After years of back and forth, in March 2015, a special judge awarded Zavodnik $30,044.07, on the basis that Costello failed to respond to paperwork from Zavodnik asking him to admit that he was liable for more than $30,000 (Costello said he received no papers).

"What kind of reality am I in now?" Costello said of the ruling, according to USA Today. "I don't know what's going on. Why don't I know what's going on?"

He appealed the ruling, and the appeals court ruled in his favor, issuing an opinion that said Zavodnik misused an Indiana trial rule.

A colleague of Zavodnik's says he will likely ask for a re-hearing. Costello says he will not pursue legal action against Zavodnik and will never again sell anything online.

Read more about the outrageous case here.

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