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Charles Krauthammer said that by by doubling down on his criticism of the judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit, Donald Trump is "revealing who he is."

Trump said in an interview with CNN that American-born District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a "Mexican" and therefore biased because of Trump's plan to build a wall on the U.S. border. In a separate interview, he suggested a Muslim judge would also treat him unfairly.

Krauthammer said on Special Report that Trump had ample opportunity to retract or soften the criticism, which he said has hurt Trump's candidacy.

"Instead, he doubled down. He widened the net of sort of not-Americans, or people who are not impartial because of their ethnicity, to now include Muslims."

He continued that the issue isn't simply that Trump made "a false step."

"Of course he did, but the larger point is he's revealing who he is. It is not just that those who have now decided to throw in and support him for party unity or whatever reasons and made a tactical mistake in getting behind him; they have to ask themselves, morally, is this the man you want to be the leader of your party? But that's what's at stake now, that's why it's a bigger issue."

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