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In an O'Reilly Factor exclusive, Bill O'Reilly questioned Donald Trump on his claim that judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuits is biased because of his Mexican descent.

"So, do you regret making it personal with the judge?" O'Reilly asked.

Trump responded that his side has been treated unfairly, saying that Judge Gonzalo Curiel should have dismissed the case in a summary judgment. 

"I don't care if the judge is Mexican or not," he said. "I'm going to do great with the Mexican people, 'cause I provide jobs, so I don't care about Mexican. But we're being treated very unfairly, Bill. Very, very unfairly."

O'Reilly asked if it wouldn't have been better had Trump just talked about being treated unfairly "and let the Mexican thing alone."

Trump said he just responded to questions about the lawsuit but would prefer to talk about the issues affecting the country.

"All I want him to do is give me a fair shake," Trump said later in the interview. "When we have thousands of people saying the courses were great, why does this thing continue to go forward?"

Earlier, in his Talking Points, O'Reilly said Curiel should recuse himself from the case to eliminate any doubt as to motivation in the rulings.

Watch the full interview above, and Talking Points below.

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