An elderly South Carolina homeowner spoke out on Fox and Friends about the "devastating" consequences of a proposed shift of the North Carolina and South Carolina border. 

If the proposed border clarification is approved, 88-year-old Dee Martin and her husband would suddenly become North Carolina residents, along with 18 other homeowners.

The North Carolina Senate voted last month to approve the proposed shift, which has been in the works for 20 years. 

The shift would take effect Jan. 1 if both states' legislatures and governors sign off. 

Meantime, the Lake Wylie Mini Mart's owners say they'll be put out of business if they're suddenly moved into North Carolina and subjected to that state's laws.

Mrs. Martin told Steve Doocy that her husband's doctor is allowed to make house calls in South Carolina, but it would not be allowed in North Carolina. 

"South Carolina is the only state we know that has a doctor who will make house calls. We are blessed with one. This may become even more important to us in the future, as my husband has many health issues," she said, adding that their taxes would go up "tremendously" in North Carolina. 

Martin also said her husband would lose his health care provider. She said she hopes an exception could be made for their property, but has not been "assured of anything" at this point. 

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