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Donald Trump believes that President Obama should spend less time criticizing him and more time focusing on fulfilling his duties as commander-in-chief.

"He's doing a lousy job," Trump told Judge Jeanine Pirro in a powerful interview last night.

The presumptive GOP nominee asserted that his campaign has been so successful because of the Obama administration's terrible mismanagement of the U.S. economy, foreign policy and a host of other issues.

Trump pointed out that many American workers are being hit hard by unemployment and a lack of pay increases, which is why the economy is the primary concern for American voters.

Additionally, Trump said, Obama's strategy for pulling out of Iraq has been disastrous and has directly led to the rise of ISIS, which is why national security, terrorism and immigration are also viewed by voters as major problems facing our country.

"Look at the mess the world is in," Trump said. "If the politicians never entered office for the last 15 years - that includes Obama and it includes more people than Obama - you wouldn't have the problems that you have today."

He added that Hillary Clinton certainly isn't the person to lead the U.S. and the world out of this mess because she's "incompetent."

"She doesn't have a clue, she doesn't know what she's doing," Trump said. "She doesn't have the strength, the energy. She cannot be president."

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