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Two teenage girls were charged with assault in the beating of a 78-year-old woman after the girls' mothers turned them in.

Authorities said the moms recognized surveillance photos of their daughters, who were being sought after the brutal subway station attack.

According to reports, the elderly woman was on the same subway train as the teens and their friends Thursday afternoon.

When the woman asked them to remove their feet from a seat so she could sit down, one of the girls cursed at her.

They then followed the woman when she exited at a station and proceeded to attack her on the platform.

According to authorities, they punched and kicked her multiple times, including in the head and face.

The mothers apparently stepped forward because they "were probably offended like anyone else," one law enforcement source said to The New York Post.

Thanks to the moms' "tough love," Jazmine Watson, 16, was charged as an adult with second-degree assault. The other girl, 15, was also charged with assault, but her name was not released.

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