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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said on "The Cost of Freedom" today that violent anti-Donald Trump protests could actually backfire.

Huckabee explained that incidents like what occurred after a San Jose Trump rally on Friday, in which protesters attacked Trump supporters and burned the American flag, could lead to more people supporting the presumptive GOP nominee.

"These are anarchists," Huckabee said. "When Trump said that they were 'thugs,' that's the most polite thing you can say about people who burn the American flag and wave a Mexican flag and think that's going to help their cause."

He asserted that many Americans see these violent, anti-American actions and immediately sympathize with the other side, in this case Trump.

"Protesting is an American sport, but throwing things at people and beating up cops and pelting women and scaring the daylights out of them, that's not America," Huckabee said.

He explained that our country is about protecting the right to free speech, not trying to squelch it if you disagree with what someone is saying.

"This is anti-Americanism," Huckabee stated.

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