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A Wisconsin man charged with sexual assault has gone viral for bawling in his mugshot.

Anthony Zingale, 19, allegedly tried to attack a woman at a house party in Plymouth over Memorial Day weekend, according to reports.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman was in the bathroom when Zingale barged in brandishing a knife.

He allegedly put the knife to her throat and demanded sexual favors from her.

She told police that in an effort to escape, she suggested they should go to the bedroom.

As they left the bathroom, the suspect allegedly held the knife to the back of her neck, but she began screaming.

The woman's husband ran to the bedroom soon after, according to police.

Zingale reportedly told police he only went into the bathroom because he urgently had to urinate.

He faces charges of first-degree sexual assault and carrying a concealed weapon, which could result in up to 40 years in prison.

In his booking photo taken shortly after his arrest, Zingale is visibly crying. The tearstained mugshot has quickly gone viral.

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