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On The Kelly File, we saw a riveting Second Amendment debate, as Dana Loesch took on SiriusXM host Nomiki Konst, a Bernie Sanders supporter. 

Loesch, the author of "Hands Off My Gun," was asked about two recent examples of misleading reports by the media on gun control and firearm usage. 

Last week, producers of a Katie Couric documentary were found to have deceptively edited an interview to make pro-gun activists look clueless.

Meantime, the inventor of the AR-15 rifle claims that HBO's "Real Sports" program distorted his views in a recent report about the popularity of the AR-15 among civilians. 

Loesch said the issue goes beyond deceptive editing in interviews. 

"We've seen deceptive editing with the facts [and] with statistics as a way to push this bunk narrative. It just gets tiring after a while," she said. 

Konst and Loesch then went back and forth on the effectiveness of defensive gun usage (DGU) in the United States. 

Konst claimed that in only one instance in the past 36 years has a person been able to stop a mass shooting with a firearm. 

Loesch pushed back that the statistic applied to mass shootings, not taking into account incidents where a legal gun owner was able to defend themselves. 

"3.3 million instances of DGU a year. Acknowledge it," said Loesch, citing Obama administration and FBI figures.

Watch the full exchange above.

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