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Chaos erupted once again outside a Donald Trump rally, with protesters attacking Trump supporters and burning the American flag. 

One woman who was yelling back at protesters ended up being pelted with eggs by the protesters. 


Another Trump supporter was attacked and left bloodied.

Some are criticizing the San Jose police for letting the rally go on for far too long and grow out of control before they stepped in. 

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On Fox and Friends this morning, Geraldo Rivera said these violent displays are going to hurt the Democrats' chances in November. 

"The violence is absolutely the worst thing that can possibly happen to the Democrats. Every time you see an anti-Trump protester using violence or spreading anarchy, it drives voters to Donald Trump. It accomplishes exactly the opposite of the intended effect," said Rivera.

He said that the election could end up looking like 1968, when Democratic infighting preceded the victory by Richard Nixon.

"The Democrats can tear themselves apart, they can spew this violence to try and intimidate their Republican rivals. It will have an absolute counter effect."

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