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Charles Krauthammer pushed back on President Obama's address in Indiana in which he touted the U.S. economy and went after his conservative critics.

Obama, assailing Donald Trump's economic proposals, argued that Republicans and Fox News have mischaracterized his policies.

"The basic story is America’s working class, America’s middle class -- families like yours -- have been victimized by a big, bloated federal government, run by a bunch of left-wing elitists like me," said Obama. 

On the Special Report panel, Krauthammer disputed that a bloated federal government is "Fox News fantasy," pointing to ObamaCare as the "perfect example."

"Pointy-headed intellectuals designed a program that is collapsing of its own weight, is costing enormous amounts of money, having a terrible effect on the medical profession and I think will be gone one way or the other in several years," he noted. 

He added that Obama brought with him an idea that government should try to do "everything," and that certain proposals - like cap-and-trade - were rejected by Democrats, as well as Republicans. 

Krauthammer said that Obama's policies have produced "a very weak economy" and an overall anxiety among voters that has been used by candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. 

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