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Judge Andrew Napolitano explained why Hillary Clinton was an "incompetent" secretary of state and how her email use differed significantly from former secretary Colin Powell's.

Napolitano told Fox and Friends that Clinton used a personal BlackBerry device, not a government-issued one, which didn't work in her office. In order to communicate electronically, Clinton had to go one floor below where the device worked.

"She has ambassadors all around the world trying to communicate with her, and she's cut herself off," he said.

Napolitano also explained that Clinton's emails were not searchable because all of them went through her private server instead of a government-searchable database.

"All of this mean that she frustrated the ordinary operations of the State Department, which she was in charge of, because she was terrified of the president, the rest of the State Department, the media, and the public knowing what she was doing.”

Finally, he said that Clinton's claim that her predecessor Colin Powell did the same thing was "directly rejected" by the Inspector General's report last week.

"Secretary Powell answered government emails from his private account a half-dozen times, never involving state secrets, and he didn’t use a private server, and he’s not running to be president of the United States.”

He added, "It is crystal clear that the motivation for all of this was her incredible desire to avoid the Freedom of Information Act, to keep from the president, the rest of the State Department, and the public what she was doing as secretary of state, which is a violation of the law."

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