An anguished father lost it in a Cleveland courtroom, leaping across a table in a desperate bid to exact vengeance on the man who killed his daughter.

Van Terry had just finished reading a statement to the judge when witnesses say convicted serial killer and sex offender Michael Madison gave him a malicious look.

Terry snapped and made a beeline for Madison, but officers were quick to intervene and Terry never made it over to Madison.

Family members screamed, "No, no!" as the enraged father tried to get past the police officers.

Madison received the death penalty from an Ohio county judge after the courtroom was brought to order. 

Authorities said they would review the incident and decide whether to charge Terry for the outburst.

Madison was convicted in the murders of 18-year-old Shirellda Terry, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 38-year-old Angela Deskins.

The victims' bodies were mutilated and were eventually found in trash bags around Madison's apartment complex.

Prosecutors said at least one was raped. Read more about the case at

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