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A Pennsylvania high school has for decades included an invocation and benediction at its graduation ceremony. 

But this year, after receiving a complaint about it, the tradition may have to come to an end at Pottsgrove High School, outside Philadelphia. 

After last year's prayer by students for the graduating class, a parent objected, arguing that it seemed focused on Christianity. 

School Board President Rick Rabinowitz also expressed concern about the tone of the prayer.

"We have a diverse community representing multiple faiths and just because one faith is the dominant faith doesn't mean that there aren't many different religious backgrounds in our community," he said, adding that allowing the prayer is against the law.

"The law does not allow the school to provide a program prayer in school-related ceremonies. There are multiple Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1963 when I was born and those decisions are clear," he said.

As of right now, the invocation and benediction will not be heard at this year's ceremony. But the decision could be reversed following a public meeting next week. 

Watch the report from FOX 29 above.

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