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Judge Andrew Napolitano said the State Department deleting questions from a 2013 briefing is "emblematic of the problem with government."

"And the problem with government is if you lie to the government, the government will prosecute you. But the government lies to you and does so with impunity."

He said on Your World that people within the department have "destroyed their own reputations" and are now pointing fingers at each other.

Napolitano said that in order to prove the deletion is illegal, it would have to be determined whether video of a press briefing constitutes a government record, but said that tampering with government records is definitely illegal.

He said it was "interesting" that former department spokesperson Jen Psaki told Fox News reporter James Rosen that the transcript wasn't tampered with; it was just the video.

"That means that there is a thug in the State Department who doesn't even know how to commit his thuggery effectively."

Napolitano said the episode is "symbolic of the absence of morality in government."

"If it thinks (you lied to it) a la Martha Stewart, it will go after you with a vengeance. But if it can get away with lying to us, if it can get away with tampering with history, denying that historical events actually occurred, it'll get away with it."

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