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Charles Krauthammer said the content of Hillary Clinton's foreign policy speech which harshly criticized Donald Trump was "rather devastating," but it came from a flawed messenger.

He said on Special Report that the speech would have had "tremendous effect" had it come from one of Trump's opponents in the Republican primary. The problem was that Clinton delivered it.

"You're looking at her and you think, 'This is the worst person the Democrats could have chosen to deliver the message,' because you look at her and you think 'Benghazi, Russian reset, the disastrous withdrawal from Iraq.' And then she ends up -- what's her positive? Defending the Iran deal."

Krauthammer said that Trump was right not to defend himself against Clinton's charges, which Krauthammer said seemed to be accurate, "but to go after her for who she is and mistakes she made."

"So, this is a campaign, particularly on foreign affairs, that is going to be incredibly negative, and it's going to go all the way to the bottom."

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