Napolitano: State Dept's Video Cutting Highlights Govt's 'Absence of Morality'

Hillary Bashes Trump: 'His Foreign Policy Ideas Are Dangerously Incoherent'

Hillary Clinton's speech in San Diego today imagined the "horror" of foreign policy under a Donald Trump presidency.

Greg Gutfeld said on The Five that Hillary has no problem naming "the threat that is Trump, but not the threat behind terror."

He said that Trump's rise is a direct reaction to "the liberal cowardice that refuses to name what wants us dead."

"Imagine all the evil things they can name: fracking, coal, traditional bathrooms, Fox News. But they can't name Islamism! When toilets trump terror, clearly we need change."

He added, "Islamists work 24/7 to annihilate America, and we fret over plumbing."

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