State Dept: There Was 'Deliberate Request' to Delete Video of Rosen's Iran Questions

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The State Department made a stunning admission yesterday, confirming that questions from Fox News' James Rosen were deliberately deleted from a video of a 2013 press briefing. 

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On Fox and Friends this morning, State Department Spokesman John Kirby was grilled on which State Department official decided to ask for the chunk of video to be removed from YouTube.

Kirby said the female editor of the video, who was not named, does not recall who made the request, which was "two removed."

"The call that came in to her was actually a call from someone else passing on a request from another official," he said, adding that if additional information comes to light, then the investigation will be restarted.

Kirby said he made it clear to his staff that "we're not going to behave" in this way and vowed that this will never happen again.

He agreed with Tucker Carlson's assertion that this was an "attempt to eliminate history."

Kirby declined to comment on whether the editor had ever erased any other footage. He said the department does not have the time or resources to go back through years of briefing videos in an attempt to find other possible edits.

Watch the compelling interview above.

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