O'Reilly: 'If Hillary Has Any New Ideas, They're Being Kept Top Secret'

Krauthammer: Hillary's Anti-Trump Speech 'Devastating,' But She's 'Worst' Messenger

President Obama took a veiled swipe at Donald Trump while giving a commencement speech to Air Force Academy graduates.

Obama said that America can't retreat into isolationism and leave countries to fend for themselves.

Ben Carson reacted on Hannity, saying that progressives like Obama take advantage of an uninformed populace, which he says was one of the great fears of the nation's founders.

"I think the progressives understand that and they've taken tremendous advantage of that. They also speak poorly of people, but when Trump does the same thing, they say he's being 'unpresidential.' Barack Obama does the same thing, but he does it in a more gentlemanly way. It's basically the same thing."

Watch the interview above.

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