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New documents were unsealed today in the class-action fraud lawsuit by customers against the now-defunct Trump University.

James Rosen said on The Kelly File that both sides of the case "may have reason to rue the release of the hundreds of pages that were unsealed by the court."

Rosen reported that the unsealed testimony found that Donald Trump did not "handpick" instructors for the for-profit real estate school as promotional materials claimed, but he did review some applications.

Meanwhile, a playbook for the Trump U.'s sales force coached them in how to market its $1,500-$35,000 courses even to financially distressed people.

However, two of the plaintiffs involved in the case rated their experiences with the courses positively.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told Fox News that much of the unsealed evidence demonstrates the high level of satisfaction of those who took the courses.

In the following discussion, Megyn Kelly asked Gov. Mike Huckabee why the Trump campaign claims that 98% of customers were satisfied, when at least 32% of students demanded and got refunds, according to the lawsuit.

Huckabee said that the people who wanted refunds got them, then took a shot at Hillary Clinton for criticizing Trump over the program.

"What amazes me is that today Hillary Clinton is going out there and trying to lecture Donald Trump about fraud. This is like Pee-wee Herman trying to lecture James Bond on the art of masculinity. Hillary is the queen of fraud and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Donald Trump would be a great president. This is going to play out in court."

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