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In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly chastised the media for insinuating Donald Trump is a fraud in questioning his donations to veterans groups.

O'Reilly said the media should push Trump and others to fulfill their obligations, but they shouldn't "cast aspersions" on his character.

"And that's what Trump is objecting to," O'Reilly said.

O'Reilly said that in all fairness, Trump should have explained the issue sooner, and he should also release his tax returns.

"However, Mr. Trump is correct when he slams the national press for constantly trying to vilify him, playing the 'gotcha game.'"

"I personally can feel Trump's pain, because the national press does the same thing to me."

He said that Trump should be scrutinized, but concluded that "skepticism should not be accusation."

Watch the full memo above.

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