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Charles Krauthammer reacted to the State Department's admission that someone in the department deliberately deleted video from a 2013 press briefing in which Fox News' James Rosen questioned a department spokesperson about secret Iran negotiations.

Spokesman John Kirby said today that deleting the video "was not the right step to take" and refuted an earlier department claim that the deletion was a glitch.

"This incident is so appalling it's almost comical," Krauthammer said on Special Report.

He compared the action to the way the Soviet Union's Communist Party would airbrush enemies of Joseph Stalin out of photos.

"This is now happening in the U.S.," he said.

He said it was important to determine who ordered the deletion.

"The real story is why are they pretending that they can get away with the passive? 'A request was made' -- well, why can't you find out who made it? There were only a finite number of people there. This is important to find out. This is a big deal."

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