History Teachers Will Cry Watching Watters' Memorial Day Quiz

Watters Investigates Why Americans Are So Angry

After Jesse Watters visited Trump Tower earlier this month, The O'Reilly Factor got emails saying he should hit the New York town of Chappaqua where Hillary Clinton lives next.

Well, it turns out he already did that, back in 2013! So, The Factor presented that footage on tonight's show.

The locals had a range of opinions about the former secretary of state and then-future 2016 candidate.

Check out some highlights...

If Hillary is elected president, Bill is going to be back in the White House.

When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, what do you think her main accomplishment was?

Staying even-keeled to negotiate.

Negotiate what?

What about Benghazi, do you think that's going to be a real drag on her?

I don't believe Benghazi would win. Uh, I'm gonna stick with Hillary Clinton.

Enjoy the "Watters' World" segment above!

And don't forget to catch the next Watters' World weekend special on June 11 on Fox News Channel!

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