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Two veterans squared off on The Kelly File over Donald Trump and the donations of his fundraiser to veterans groups.

Retired USMC 1st Sergeant Al Baldasaro, a Trump supporter, said "it takes time" to assess the groups which would receive the $5.6 million that came in during the fundraiser, saying there were a lot of "scams" to sift through.

But he didn't answer Megyn Kelly's question of whether it was a coincidence that much of the money went through after the Washington Post and others published reports on how much Trump had raised and whether he had given his portion.

Disabled Iraq War vet Raymond Curtis, of the "Vets vs Hate" movement, pointed out that one of the groups supposedly vetted by Trump's campaign to receive a donation had an "F" rating and didn't provide a better value on the dollar.

Curtis said that regardless of the money raised, Trump doesn't represent the core values of the military.

Baldasaro then tried to show that Curtis and other members of "Vets vs Hate" were "pawns" of Hillary Clinton's campaign, which Curtis denied.

"One dollar is one dollar more that goes to them homeless veterans and other issues that we have throughout the community," Baldasaro said. "Thank God we got somebody like Trump."

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