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Donald Trump weighed in on the harshly critical State Department audit of Hillary Clinton's email use, calling the report a "disaster" for the former secretary that revealed her corruption.

"It really shows that she's corrupt, if you think of it," he said on Hannity. "I mean, It's not just a report. It shows that she's corrupt. I think the report is a disaster."

He added that the email issue would be a "big part" of the campaign.

"I don't know what is going to happen. You would've thought it would've happened by now. The FBI is doing a big investigation. We'll see, but the report I think is a total disaster for her and certainly it's going to be a big part of the campaign."

Trump also said he would have liked to debate Bernie Sanders, but he wasn't satisfied with the amount of money that television networks were willing to put up for charity.

"They weren't coming through and I'm not going to do it for nothing. Why should I?" he said.

Trump also said that he shouldn't debate Sanders because the Democrat is "number two."

Watch part one of the wide-ranging Hannity interview above, and part two below.

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