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A shocking case of Memorial Day road rage was caught on camera.

Motorist Abe Garcia said he was driving on Highway 41 near Tampa, Florida, when he saw an argument taking place between several motorcyclists and the driver of a gray Pontiac.

Garcia said he began recording on his cell phone just before things went from zero to 100.

Garcia's video appears to show the driver of the Pontiac suddenly hit the gas and run over a motorcycle with two people on it.

The man and woman are tossed from the bike, which the Pontiac proceeds to run over before speeding off.

The man thrown off the motorcycle was identified as Joe Calderazzo, a Navy veteran who had just taken part in a Memorial Day bike ride for vets.

He was taken to the hospital to have his leg examined, but luckily neither he nor his female companion were seriously injured.

"I thought the guy was trying to kill us," Calderazzo told a local station. "You know you don't know what's going through your mind. Is he going to put the car in reverse? Is her going to turn around? Is he going to stop and pull out a gun? You don't know what's going on."

The driver of the Pontiac has been identified as 31-year-old Robert Paul Vance. He was arrested and is being charged with hit-and-run, a moving traffic violation and aggravated battery.

Watch the crazy road rage video above.

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