WATCH: Trump Announces $5.6 Million in Donations to Veterans Groups

Gutfeld: Why You Should Always Press 'Record' When the Media Talks to You

Charles Krauthammer reacted to Donald Trump's contentious press conference today, in which the Republican nominee slammed the press as "dishonest" and called an ABC reporter in the audience a "sleaze."

Krauthammer credited the press with doing its job in scrutinizing how Trump's campaign was executing $5.6 million in donations to veterans groups.

He said that attacking the media plays well because they're such an easy target, but he said the attacks also raise questions about Trump's character and the kind of president he would be.

He brought up Trump's explanation for attacking New Mexico Republican Gov. Susana Martinez. Trump said she wasn't "nice" to him.

Krauthammer said: "Now, is that going to be the criteria by which a president decides whether to attack or praise or just ignore anybody else, either a politician, a foreign leader, another country - by the criteria of 'how good are they to me?'

"That is a peculiar criteria, and it appears to be the only one that applies to Trump."

Watch the commentary from Special Report above.

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