Casey Anthony's former attorney emphatically denied a slew of recent claims by a private investigator, including an allegation that Anthony paid off her legal fees with sexual favors. 

In an affidavit in Anthony's bankruptcy proceedings, Dominic Casey accused Jose Baez of having an unethical relationship with his client during the high-profile murder trial.

Mr. Casey was briefly hired by Baez to work with the defense team during Anthony’s 2011 murder trial, which ended with the young Florida mother being acquitted in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

Mr. Casey also claimed that Baez told him that Casey Anthony had murdered Caylee and disposed of the body and that he needed help finding the body before someone else did.

In an interview on Fox and Friends this morning Baez pushed back on Mr. Casey's allegations, saying he has made other outlandish claims about the case.

"One, El Chapo did not finance Casey Anthony’s defense. Two, I did not have an inappropriate relationship with Casey. Three, drug traffickers did not kidnap Caylee and take her to Colombia. Four, she never told me she murdered her child and where the body was and five, the post office was not involved in her disappearance," said Baez. 

He recalled that he hired Mr. Casey, who had offered his services pro bono, early in the case before realizing that he was a "complete and total moron."

"I took a chance and unfortunately I’m paying the price today," said Baez, vowing to pursue legal action against Mr. Casey for the damaging allegations.

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