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Katie Couric has come clean about deceptively editing her gun documentary to make firearms owners look stumped by one of her questions.

After first dismissing the deception, Couric now admits to it, blaming it on the director's need for a dramatic pause.

So why did she change her tune?

Greg Gutfeld says it's because she got caught, plain and simple.

"If the incident hadn't been secretly taped, you think she would have copped to it?" Gutfeld asked today on The Five. "You've got to wonder how many other segments by Couric, Brian Williams, Jon Stewart or others would have been more fair if they knew someone was holding them accountable."

He said the incident highlights "elite propagandists" in the media's goal of always making themselves look smarter than the right.

"So before any interview with the media remember to always press 'Record.' Not only do you protect yourself and the truth, you also keep people like Katie honest. Because someone has to."

Watch the full monologue above.

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