Amb. Bolton: 'You Can't Do What Hillary Did and Get Away With It'

'She Lied to Congress & the Courts': Boothe, Colmes Battle Over Hillary's Emails

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" today, and things got heated while discussing the scathing IG report on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

The State Department audit found Hillary Clinton and previous secretaries of state at fault for their use of private email.

Lankford said that Clinton neither asked nor received permission to use a private server, adding that her violations were exacerbated by the fact that she conducted 100 percent of her electronic communication on the unapproved device.

Schiff argued that Colin Powell also used a personal computer to do State Department business during his tenure as secretary of state, but Lankford pointed out that he did not use his own private server.

"This was all about her political security, not about national security," Lankford said. "It was about containing and controlling all these records."

He said that comparing Clinton to Powell is simply not valid because no other cabinet official in the Obama administration did what she did and endangered national security as recklessly as she did.

When Schiff tried to explain how the Powell comparison is valid, Chris Wallace interjected and said that Clinton is running for president and Powell is not, in addition to the fact that the State Department rules were different and less defined during Powell's tenure.

"I think it’s very telling, though, Chris, that there’s no interest in anyone here but Secretary Clinton," Schiff said.

"Really? Because she’s the only one running for president," Wallace fired back. "I think it's frankly a red herring, sir. And I’d expect more from you."

Watch the heated exchange above.

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