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Is the phrase "start a family" offensive? Apparently some people think so.

Bill O’Sullivan, senior editor of the Washingtonian magazine, wrote in a recent editorial that the "loathsome phrase" is offensive to both single people and couples without children.

"For the sake of all the ways to be in the world, it’s time to put an end to 'start a family,'" O'Sullivan wrote. "It sounds innocent enough. But why would you want to turn off a whole chunk of your readership when the solution is so simple? Let your language reflect, and be sensitive to, the world we live in."

Psychotherapist Nell Gibbon Daly pointed out that fewer women between the ages of 15 and 44 are having children, so O'Sullivan is arguing that the vernacular should catch up to our times.

On the other hand, Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, said the left and the "arbiters of political correctness" simply have a problem with the traditional nuclear family.

"Good luck with that," Nance said. "Throughout history, every major civilization has recognized the importance of marriage, intact families and the institution of marriage as the best place to raise children."

"They want to change not only how we talk but how we think. And they're just wrong on this."

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