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A new program is encouraging parents to pay their children to stay off drugs.

Jim Huger, founder of Parents and Children Together (PACT) joined "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to discuss his reward-based approach to keeping children drug-free.

Huger explained that he spoke to administrators at his children's school about drug testing students, but they weren't interested, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He wanted to find a way to assure his children that he trusted them, and wanted to find a way to incentivize them to participate in drug testing by choice. And that was the genesis of

"We are a subscription-based model where a parent and a child make a covenant together online not to do drugs," Huger said. "And we send two random drug tests to the house every year."

He explained that a hair sample is returned to best tested, and if and when it comes up clean, a $25 reward is released to the child.

"It's a test, confirm, reward program."

What do you think about this approach to keeping kids off drugs?

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