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We're becoming a nation of "wussies" thanks to liberalism, Eric Bolling said on "Cashin' In" today.

He noted a North Carolina school district deciding to end the tradition of naming valedictorians because the titles create a "very unhealthy" competition among students.

"The 'everyone gets a trophy' crowd is destroying our competitive nature, and it's that competitive nature that drives and thrives in the free market," Bolling said. "America's all about competition."

He explained that competition drives Americans to work hard, to win and to profit from their hard work.

Bolling said that's why the school board's decision to stop naming valedictorians over the "unhealthy competition" is an example of liberalism run amok.

"You know what's unhealthy? Liberalism is unhealthy," Bolling said. "We're becoming a nation of wussies. Let's stop America's slide into the liberal abyss."

Watch the full "Wake Up, America" segment above.

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