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'You Don't Know She Wasn't Hacked': Baier Grills Hillary Spox Over Email Use

Lisa Boothe and Alan Colmes battled today on The Real Story over the scathing IG report on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

The State Department audit found that Clinton's server violated federal records rules and that she never sought approval for the setup.

Boothe said that Clinton's team set up the server with the intention to circumvent Congress and Freedom of Information Act requests, and lied to Congress and the courts.

Colmes told Boothe that she didn't know why Clinton set up the server and said she was imputing a reason to the former secretary.

Moderator Heather Nauert then broke in, saying, "Alan, anyone who has spent time in Washington D.C. in a position of government knows that a private server, much less, private email is not acceptable and is at a risk."

Colmes said that Clinton was being held to a different standard than other secretaries of state, to which Boothe replied, "Oh Alan, please."

"There's a litany of lies she has told," she said.

Watch the full debate above and let us know your take.

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